Val di Mazara – DOP Regione Sicilia – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 750ml – ORGANIC


Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP
Val di Mazara DOP Organic is a balanced oil whose character fits well with that of Queen Galerana, a beautiful and courteous lady whose heart, beloved by the pagan nobles, was conquered by Emperor Charlemagne. Galerana is the daughter of King Garofalo of Zaragoza at whose table Charlemagne is welcomed during an escape.
An organic extra virgin olive oil produced from top quality olives, grown without the use of chemicals on volcanic soil, making the taste sublime.
The production area is central-west Sicily, i.e. the area covered by the DOP Val Di Mazara, which covers the entire province of Palermo and the western part of the province of Agrigento.
It is ideal for those consumers who want a healthy, tasty and natural diet. From pinzimonio to bruschetta to fish, the oil is perfect for enriching the most natural foods.
The entire organic production process, controlled by Agroqualità, takes place in the DOP area of Val di Mazara, whose certification, guaranteed by the Mipaaf – Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy – guarantees the absolute origin of additional virgin olive oil from Western Sicily.
It is the best choice for anyone who wants a healthy, tasty and natural diet. The olive lily convinces because of its balanced character, making it ideal for typical Mediterranean cuisine. Especially raw on meat, fish, soups, salads and warm bread.
The color is green with straw yellow reflections. The taste is medium fruity with a touch of fresh grass and sometimes green tomato with a light and pleasant spicy sensation.
Biancolilla (50%), Cerasuola (40%), Nocellara del Belice (10%)

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Bono – Val di Mazara – DOP Regione Sicilia – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 750ml – ORGANIC




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